You know that feeling you get when you’re high on life?  The very same feeling that used to occur when you had birthdays as a child? When you are madly in love? When you don’t mind the rain, have pancakes in bed or champagne on a Monday? That very feeling was blasting through the windows of this very place like ray of fuckin’ sunshine, the 3rd of March 2019. That date marked the day when two happy chaps named Johan Evers and Oscar Drigoris entered what used to be a small café – with sledge hammers and wall paint in their hands, butterflies at heart, and a pretty darn cristal clear vision in mind. The vision was an extraordinary bar unlike no other. A bar called what you might wonder?

A bar Called Gemma.

The ray of fuckin’ sunshine mentioned above has been shining out of these door since opening day 17th of May 2019, and boy oh boy has these happy chaps been working hard to make your senses do hula hoops, your tongue swirl and your heart to skip a beat. They’ve been nourishing their concept, roasting a hell of a lot of garnish, merging unexpected (yet irresistible) flavours and having the occasional (ok let’s be honest, pretty recurrent) dance behind the bar. 


But who the heck is Gemma? 

Well we’ll tell ya, she’s quite a catch! It is also what people with fancy vocabulary would call an acronym – built upon the very five words that symbolises our philosophy of what this bar, is all about. 

GenerosityShare knowledge to inspire (and space in the bar)

Emotional Love the craftsmanship, dare to kill your darlings

Mindful Cherish every drop of nectar, herb, and spirit

Multilateral – A sanctuary for highs and lows, sweets and bitters

Artisan – We shape your drink with respect and pride – we create, change and refine

The rest of the story will be told, experienced and unique everytime. Looking forward to your visit.

Welcome home!



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